Welcome to Behind The Throttle!

Hello everyone and welcome to Behind the Throttle. My name is Max Harris, and I’ve started this blog to shed some light on a seldom seen perspective in the world of railroading. All too often I’ve felt that railroaders are undermined by the machines they operate and too much attention is given to the trains rather than the men and women who operate and maintain the iron horses we are so fond of. This blog is meant to turn the spotlight from the railroads to railroaders. Every other week I will be interviewing a member of the railroad community who has a story to tell, and then write about them on this page. I hope not only to share interesting narratives on this blog, but to also broaden the horizons of us railfans. Let’s start giving more props to the preservationists and those who help inspire future generations of railfans rather than “foaming” over a hunk of metal. Stay tuned for our first segment which will debut soon!