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Lou Capwell: A Man of Preservation and Tradition

“It’s our job as people who love trains to make sure those details that make railroading so great are not lost” There’s a certain joy of behind the person in charge of a locomotive, who grasps the throttle and waves to those watching in awe

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Bill Bivins- A Legacy Railroader

“When you tell people you’re a locomotive engineer, they’re intrigued. It’s really different than anything else” -Bill Bivins Bill Bivins was born on September 24th, 1966 in Anchorage Alaska. Born into a railroad family, his grandfather was a conductor for the Alaska Railroad and his

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Welcome to Behind The Throttle!

Hello everyone and welcome to Behind the Throttle. My name is Max Harris, and I’ve started this blog to shed some light on a seldom seen perspective in the world of railroading. All too often I’ve felt that railroaders are undermined by the machines they

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