About Us

Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Max Harris and I like trains. I’ve always felt drawn to anything relating to railroads in general, but what interests me most about trains is the people. Whenever I visit a museum or go to a train show, I often find myself getting into long conversations about the wonders of our hobby, and the fabled stories that many railroads share. As someone with a never-ending hunger for knowledge, and someone who loves asking questions, I began to realize at a young age that what makes our hobby so special is the people. Trains have been around for ages, and as new generations inherit the railroads left for them, they inherit the stories and adages that come with them. More so than the stories about the trains, I was drawn in by the stories from railroaders themselves. It always warmed my heart to hear a story where a childhood dream came true, as someone operated a locomotive for the first time, or shared an experience and made a memory that would last a lifetime. In June of 2019, I had an idea of creating a platform where I could publish these stories for the whole world to see. After several months on the drawing board, I finally purchased the domain for Behind the Throttle on November 3rd, and thus my brainchild was born. With the help of my close friend, Jonah Collins, Behind the Throttle publishes a narrative style interview with a distinguished member of the railroad community every other week. It’s our mission to share the stories of railroaders, give them the recognition they deserve, and further help pass this great hobby down the next generation. 

Max Harris - Founder and Writer

Jonah Collins - Editor

Max Harris is a life-long train enthusiast and passionate writer. He is currently a freshman at Penn State, where he studies in the communications school. Max works part time at the Strasburg Rail Road, and has built a model railroad in his basement. In addition to trains, Max plays several instruments and enjoys listening to and performing music. Max founded Behind the Throttle in November 2019, and has since built the blog up from its humble beginnings.

Jonah Collins, also a lifelong train fan, is the editor of Behind the Throttle. He is in his second year at Virginia Tech, where he is majoring in Smart and Sustainable Cities and minoring in Professional and Technical Writing. Jonah particularly enjoys photography, and has been published many times and been recognized both locally and nationally for his work. He, too, plays several instruments, including mandolin and guitar. Jonah has worked as the editor for Behind the Throttle since its inception, and has enjoyed every second of the ride.